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Apostille for Diplomas and Transcripts

A little about The Apostille Hague Convention for academic documents

This information is only for diplomas, transcripts and academic records issued in the United States.

What is an apostille? The Apostille Convention is an international treaty drafted and signed on October 5, 1961 that outlines the procedures through which a document, in this case academic documents issued in the United States (which is a member country of The Apostille Hague Convention) can be certified for legal purposes in all the other member-countries.

​In the United States it is the sole authority of the Secretary of State to authenticate diplomas and transcripts documents.

What is an Apostille for an academic document?

To have a seamless transition of your academic documents back to a foreign country, it is highly recommended to apostille the notarization or certification of your academic records from the United States.

An Apostille is a certification process that verifies that the public documents issued in the United States will be recognized as valid in another country that is a member of The Hague Convention.

Many countries may require academic documents to be apostilled in order to be accepted for education or employment proposes with The 1961 Hague Convention, many countries have agreed to recognize diplomas and transcripts issued by American Colleges and universities by the attachment of an internationally recognized form of certification known as an apostille.

Should you apostille a photocopy or the original diploma?

This is probably one of the most common questions we get about diplomas and transcripts.
Our general approach is that if the “receiving county” accepts the apostille on a photocopy of your diploma/transcripts, then it makes sense to go this route because it is faster, more efficient and cheaper, not to mention to avoid the damage diplomas have during the apostille process (staples, signatures, stamps.)
We highly recommend asking the authorities in the destination county if an apostille on the digital copy will be accepted.

99% of the cases, apostilles on the digital copies are accepted overseas. 

Do-it-yourself Guide for diplomas and transcripts

  1. Gather your documents: If you do not have your documents alreday you must request a diploma and/or transcripts the Registrar’s Office.
  2. Notarization: The diploma should be notarized by the school registrar. If a notarized transcript is also required, you must request that your transcript  be included.  
  3. Get documents from school: The diploma (original and notarized copy) and the transcript (official notarized transcript) are returned to you by the school
  4. Travel or mail your notarized documents to the Secretary of Secretary of State’s office to request the Apostille.  
  5. Include the “Request for Apostille/Authorization” form required by the Secretary of State’s office and the fee.  
  6. Unless you are going to pick up the Apostille from the Secretary of State’s Office a self-addressed, stamped envelope must be provided.
  7. Typically the whole process takes 4-6 weeks (longer if you need a replacement diploma)

Other frequently asked questions

  1. What is it?  An apostille is a legal document that certifies that a diploma or a transcript from a college or university is notarized.  
  2. Who issues the apostille? The Secretary of State issues the apostille (not the College).  
  3. How to gather my documents? The University should provide the necessary documentation and notarization for the diploma and transcript.
  4. What academic documents can I apostille? The most common request is for an apostille for the diploma and transcript, but we have apostilled course descriptions /syllabus and “honoris causa” academic records.
  5. Can I apostille my high school, GED, SAT, LSAT TOEFL diploma/certificate? Yes, No problem.
  6. Can I apostille my professional Licence  (for example Scuba diving instructor, teaching license etc..)? Yes it is very common to apostille those certificates when applying for foreign work visas.

Replacement of diplomas and transcripts

Most colleges and universities can not provide copies of diplomas at the moment. There is normally a waiting period that may be longer than 4 weeks as replacement diplomas are created by outside vendors. 

If you have lost your original diploma, you can order a replacement normally this request must be completed, signed and notarized.  Your request will be added in the next scheduled printing of diplomas.

Transcripts, on the other hand, are much faster to be issued and notarized by the school registrar.

​Apostille vs Consular legalization

  • Apostille is required: If there is an exchange legal documents between country A and country B, both members of The Apostille Hague Convention.
  • Consular legalization is required: If there is an exchange legal documents between country A (member of The Hague Convention) and country C (non-member of The Apostille Hague Convention).

Explanatory videos for apostille documents

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