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How to apostille a Certificate of Good Standing?

Certificates of good standing sometimes referred as COGS are normally issued by the Secretary of State. Certificates can be issued digitally or in paper form depending on the issuing State.

Certificates of good standing are required to conduct business overseas, to open foreign bank accounts and participate in government contracts internationally.

Apostille Services for International Business Clients

When doing business internationally, like opening a bank account or establishing a new corporation, you will be asked for notarized and apostilled documents.

Banks and financial institutions accept electronic signatures. It is now possible to complete the apostille processes 100% online from your office using our apostille services available to international clients. One of the biggest challenges for some clients is the difficulty of obtaining certified documents. Advances in technology and the move online created by the pandemic have made the process more accessible.

One common restriction on notary public services is the notarization of documents in a foreign language. Notaries in many countries are only allowed to certify documents in the official language of their country. We can obtain the apostille based on the notary certification of true copies of official documents such as IDs, passports, and driver’s licenses.

Apostilles in the USA are issued as physical documents; you will receive a hard copy document with an apostille, and then it can be couriered to you anywhere in the world.

There is no need to courier the original physical document to our office; we can apostille your digital copies. Apostilles are generally more straightforward and quicker to obtain as copies of the originals.

How to Apostille a Maryland Certificate of Good Standing

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Cómo se Apostilla un Acta de Buena Reputación de Maryland

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Apostille a digital copy of a Certificate of Good Standing

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